What is Troja Bike?

Troja Bike is the first and only GPS positioning system that can be neither turned off nor removed or destroyed by thieves. The device is securely fixed inside the bicycle frame and can be easily operated. The battery runs up to a season long and can be recharged at any time. The cellular connection is available in 44 countries and uses all available satellite systems for position determination.

Troja Bike Product

Designed in Switzerland – Made in Germany

GPS Tracker to protect your bicycle

  • Troja Bike cannot be removed, destroyed or disabled by the thief
  • The device weighs only 75g with a season long battery
  • The position data is transmitted via cellular networks
  • The system uses GPS, Glonass, Galileo and Baidu
  • Many insurance companies offer discounts when using Troja Bike
  • A motion sensor protects your bike
  • It can be easily operated via the app
Troja Bike Dismantled

GPS Tracker with the lot

Service Center

We will take care of you if your bike gets stolen. Our service center serves every customer in case of theft, working closely with local police and law enforcement, and, upon request, passing on the live GPS data to the authorities to allow rapid and smooth processing. We offer the police a direct interface to the reported stolen bicycles.

Motion Sensor

If you park your bike, just switch on the motion sensor; you will receive a message if someone unauthorized is moving your bicycle.

Individual position polling

You can request the location of your bike at any time, regardless of whether it was stolen or not.

Annual Fee Inclusions

Troja Bike annual fee includes 3 single position requests and the unlimited live tracking in case of theft in 44 countries.


Troja Bike is completely anonymous. An email address is enough to register with the network and to use the device. It is also possible to enter the serial number of the bicycle, upload a photo of your bike, and enter your insurance information.

Cooperation with Insurance and Police

Many insurance companies are interested in integrating Troja Bike into their insurance models. More information will follow soon. Only in case of theft the police get the position of your bicycle.

Troja Bike sport (Optional)

Troja Bike Sport offers the possibility of connecting to our Sports App with evaluations of traveled routes and comparing and sharing the data with friends. Troja Bike sport is an upgrade at $45AUD and can be installed and run online at any time. The transfer of the routes driven is transmitted by Bluetooth to the Troja Bike App.

Simple 2-Step Installation of Troja Bike

First, connect Troja Bike to the app. After downloading the Troja Bike App, the accompanying QR-Code will link the app to your Troja Bike.
Secondly, simply mount Troja Bike into your bicycle frame. It’s very simple: remove the seat, insert Troja Bike into the frame and mount the seat again. Then use the app to lock and unlock Troja Bike.
Troja Bike Product Closeup

Troja Bike® Theft Package

Troja Device: $249 AUD inc GST*
Sport Upgrade: $49 AUD inc GST*
Connection Fee (1Y): $29 AUD inc GST*

Will be available October 2018! *price may change.
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